Why LED?


Why consider a LED Video Wall instead of a Projector? LED Video Walls are becoming very popular because of their optimal viewing characteristics, including spectacular brightness in virtually any lighting situation, as well as excellent viewing from almost any angle. With the modular design, the size of a LED Video Wall can be scaled to any size or shape. The LED light source has a rated life of up to 50,000 hours, which means no more need to buy new projector lamps, or deal with the fading light output of an aging lamp. There’s no projector noise or heat, and no need to have a projector hanging to shine onto a projection screen. And because of the progression of technology, combined with automated manufacturing techniques, LED Video Displays are now higher resolution than ever before. And the price of these displays has decreased as much as 90% over the last 15 years!

Please contact Festive Media for a no-obligation quotation for a LED Video Wall for your event rental or permanent installation. You may be pleasantly surprised at the affordability, and definitely impressed with the improved picture quality of today’s LED Video Walls!

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