FunMaker 3D Printer Pen – Deluxe Model (Purple Color)


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The Deluxe Model of the FunMaker 3D Printer Pen has a LED Display to provide continuous status of the pen temperature, and the filament type chosen (ABS or PLA). This model is a 4th generation 3D printing pen, with enhancements including:

  • Ceramic tip – Insulates the tip so it can be the proper temperature inside to extrude the filament, without being as hot on the outside. Metal tips do not have this advantage.
  • Temperature indicator – the LED display shows the current temperature and the goal temperature, helping the user know exactly when the pen is ready for use.
  • Slender design – earlier models were much thicker and difficult to hold, especially for longer periods of time.
  • Uses 1.75mm ABS or PLA filament available in affordable refill packages.
  • 5 pieces of ABS filament are provided (each 10 feet long) in the Deluxe package.

The FunMaker Pen can be operated with the AC Adapter (included), or with a mobile phone power pack (with minimum 2A charging port). This is convenient to operate the FunMaker pen in a portable setting, without having to purchase a special pack just for this. Simply use the included USB cable to connect to the USB charging port of a 2A or higher-capacity mobile power pack.

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