How Do You Teach Creativity?

We were all born creative. But life and society can help us un-learn innovation and creativity.

Jonathan Halls is a teacher, media consultant, and workshop presenter, who suggests that we must un-learn un-creativity. This involves returning to the positive spirit that we had as children about new ideas.

Marvin Bartel, Ed.D., published an informative article on Teaching Creativity. While teachers debate whether copying should be permitted by students, Bartel contents that imitation helps develop skills for early learners, but this will not allow development of critical thinking skills, or foster the development of an innovative spirit in students. Bartel acknowledges that repeated practice is vital to building skill levels, but emphasizes that true creativity happens when intuitive imagination brings forth the previously unknown and unimagined.

Enjoy Bartel’s full article at the Goshen College websitecreative.

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