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  • Why LED?

    Why LED?

    Why consider a LED Video Wall instead of a Projector? LED Video Walls are becoming very popular because of their optimal viewing characteristics, including spectacular brightness in virtually any lighting situation, as well as excellent viewing from almost any angle. With the modular design, the size of a LED Video Wall can be scaled to…

  • How Do You Teach Creativity?

    How Do You Teach Creativity?

    We were all born creative. But life and society can help us un-learn innovation and creativity. Jonathan Halls is a teacher, media consultant, and workshop presenter, who suggests that we must un-learn un-creativity. This involves returning to the positive spirit that we had as children about new ideas. Marvin Bartel, Ed.D., published an informative article on Teaching…

  • Advantages of the 4th Generation FunMaker 3D Pens

    Advantages of the 4th Generation FunMaker 3D Pens

    The V4 Deluxe and V4 Classic 3D Pen Models bring a number of advantages to the handheld 3D creative community. The new design of the V4 models is slimmer, making it easier to hold. The attractive design includes easy-to-access controls. The user has status indicators with full information of temperature and the selected filament type…