Advantages of the 4th Generation FunMaker 3D Pens

Power PackThe V4 Deluxe and V4 Classic 3D Pen Models bring a number of advantages to the handheld 3D creative community. The new design of the V4 models is slimmer, making it easier to hold. The attractive design includes easy-to-access controls. The user has status indicators with full information of temperature and the selected filament type on the V4 Deluxe model, or with the Red LED power indicator and Green LED Ready light on the V4 Classic model.

Comparing to other 3D pens on the market today, users will find the continuous filament to be easy to use and inexpensive. The Festive Media filament packs are available with an assortment of 10 colors, with 10 feet of each color. The filament can be easily changed to another type or color by pressing the reverse button to back out the filament.

The FunMaker V4 3D Pens use a high-quality, ceramic tip. This precision tip provides the needed temperature for the filament to flow for the artist. It is still important to never touch the tip while it is hot, but the ceramic tip does not transfer all of the heat to the outside of the tip as much as a metal tip does.

The LED Display of the V4 Deluxe Model provides the user with a digital readout of the pen temperature. This is very convenient for the user to know the progress of the 3D Pen as it heats up, and for monitoring the temperature for continued use. The LED Display also indicates the selected filament, either ABS or PLA.

Users of earlier 3D Pen models have found that the AC Adapter cable can be inconvenient. The FunMaker V4 Models come with an AC adapter, but can alternatively be used with a mobile power pack, such as those popular for use as portable smartphone chargers. Simply connect the FunMaker’s power cable to the portable power pack instead of the AC Adapter. The only requirement is that the power pack needs to provide 2 Amps power, which most newer units do provide. Older 1 Amp units do not provide enough power for the 3D Pen. There is no need to buy another power pack: use the same one for the FunMaker 3D Pen and for your smartphone!


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